Design, build, and supply
the most exciting projects.

The more you’re involved in a project,
the more value you can add.

theLinc is a better way to connect and work with
others – so you can bring your expertise to the table.
We make construction a team sport.
Join the winning team.
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Build Something Incredible

We’re all in the business of selling excitement. Pools, waterparks, fountains, splashpads, spas - that’s good, clean fun. Your success can be measured by the smiles you create.

Make a Profit

Ok, ok, ok, you can’t pay the mortgage with smiles. Running a business takes more than vision. You’ve got to execute with precision.

Get Future Referrals

Word of mouth is gold. When you can underpromise and overdeliver, you create more than a happy customer. You build an army of promoters.

Everybody involved in a project shares the same key goals.

theLinc helps everybody achieve those goals. Together.

Try theLinc. Because it is awesome.